Victory Square Games, the Curious Case of the VGX Awards

Spike TV held their annual VGX awards (formerly known as the Spike Video Game Awards) last weekend and there are some mixed emotions about the winners in the dark and dreary dungeon of Victory Square Games. Let's get some first hand accounts from the toiling slaves!

Kelly says: Joel McHale was hilarious, but I don’t think that’s what he was going for. Other than that… Meh.

Ian says: What the [expletive redacted]? How can something win game of the year and not win best Xbox or best Playstation game? I mean, Last of Us won how many more awards than GTA? GTA won best soundtrack and then won Best Game of the year. This is why nobody likes you VGX.

Dan says: The VGX? Isn’t that like a power cable or something?

Sam said: Stop wasting time! Everybody get back to work!

So there you have it. Victory Square Games reacts to the VGX Awards. What does the X stand for? It's a mystery.