Boximals! In the Spotlight!


You're not imagining anything gentle readers. That, above, is Boximals 123s on the Spotlight page of the Microsoft Windows Appstore! Exclusive to WIndows 8.1 right now, Boximals ABCs and Boximals 123s have been in development for just three months, and this release brings education and enlightenment to a whole new generation of kids who can steal their parents mobile and tablet devices. For education, and certainly not to rack up IAP's. 

Looking for a link? We've got you squared away! Just follow this below.... 

Make this link purple. Oh yea, baby. Purple is good. 


In other Victory Square Related News we've qualified as a semifinalist for the Best Workplace in Small Business BC's Competition. Guess we'll need to clean up the blood stains before they come to visit.

That last programmer just didn't work out.