Baby, it's cold outside...


The title is a bit of a lie. This is Vancouver. What's cold for us would be considered a balmy spring day in most other parts of this country. Three snowflakes and half the city shuts down, calls it a day and spends the rest of it looking depressively at their yoga pants. 

The encroaching snow (ha ha ha) and ice hasn't stopped us here at Victory Square Games. With several projects on the go and more staff crowding in every day, it won't be long till the combined body heat and geek sweat creates our own special ecosystem. One that thrives on misery and suffering doled out in equal parts by tyrannical project leads who are extremely upset that their Phoenix Wright playing has be interrupted by pleas of wanting to go "home", or that they're "tired from working eighteen hours". We've got a bunch of Christmas games to get out! Programmers don't need to sleep. Not this near the end the year!

Deck your halls with Boximals, and crush your enemies with Governmental, and don't forget to download the new Victory Square Games' Christmas Pack. Coming soon!