A New Year Dawns on Victory Square Games

What did you do on your Christmas break? Revel in joy, spend time with the family and loved ones or get into a drunken argument with Great-Uncle Phillips over who gets all the nanaimo bars? Give me back my nanaimo bars, you jerk!


Tomorrow is January second, and with it begins a brand new year. Wait, you say. Today is the start of the new year! January First! 

Not for us. See, our year begins when we go back to work. Sam's been gleefully rubbing his hands and waiting ever since... well, ever since the break started. Waiting for the workers to trudge back into the offices and resume their duties, with a faint spark in their step and refreshed from the holiday break. 

Gleeful may not cover it, actually. Maniacal. 

Happy New Years, everyone!