Victory Square Games Presents: The Most Anticipated Titles of 2014. According to us.

Last week we took a look at the team's thoughts on the best games of 2013, so it's only natural that this installment looks forward to the most anticipated games of 2014. We polled the team, and here were the responses. 

Riley is looking forward to The Oculus Rift and really hoping that the DayZ standalone will leave Alpha. His roommates are terrified of this, as the two will probably be used together.

 After a few minutes of arguing with himself over what he's looking forward to more out of Dark Dreams Don't Die, Dark Souls 2, The Order 1886, Metal Gear Solid V and Deep Down, Kelly broke down crying because he just wants them all. Right now.

 Ian thinks that Destiny looks pretty good, but is also interested in finding out if the Legend of Zelda or the new Super Smash Brothers are good enough that they'll move some Wii U units.

 Jeff is looking forward to the new Final Fantasy. It should be noted that we've all lost count, and he just said "whichever one is coming out on PS4". XV? IIIXX? -2? It’s all moonspeak at this point.

 Bob is looking forward most to The Witcher 3 to fulfill his dream of being a swashbuckling monster hunter instead of a tired and cranky bug hunter.

 Sam’s most anticipated game of 2014 is The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess.  He says this because he is approximately eight years behind in playing games. We’ll get an answer from him for 2014 in 2022. Well, probably 2025 by that point.

 And last but not least, Dan said Persona 5, because he liked 3 and 4. Asking for more clarification was met with only a sullen glare.