Reporting LIVE from the Dust Storm

From the morass of our offices, fighting clouds of dust blown away by the Winds of Winter –which is still to come– I write to you, Fellow Followers. Change is in the air and it’s causing asthma. Our losses are greater each day. Seven beloved minions already succumbed to the desert microclimate of Victory Square offices. For those of us still here, the road is long. Our lungs have dried up and asthma is killing us as slowly as a mouse can kill an elephant.

Our Overlord is not here –Sam is in Europe on a “business” trip– and he is letting natural selection do the firing for him. It’s the survival of the fittest and only the best can make it. Hopefully our intern won’t be the only survivor.

What triggered this change in the first place? Is it climate change? Can’t be! We all know THAT is a lie. Just like Santa, the Tooth Fairy and bus schedules. This “change” is a bigger one, because Victory Square Games is EXPANDING, into new horizons of fun, flying whales and pink elephants. With us, riding on unicorns and mermaids braiding my non existent hair. Actually, this is quite ironic, as Victory Square is building an ESCAPE ROOM GAME in the heart of Downtown Vancouver!

All I can say for now is that something BIG is cooking and it’s not meth!