PAC-MAN Bounce hits over 2 million downloads!


It's been a crazy launch and we're super excited to share that PAC-MAN Bounce has hit and gone past 2,000,000 downloads! If you haven't tried already, download this free game and join PAC-MAN as he tries to chomp his way home!


BOUNCE the one-and-only PAC-MAN in a brain-busting puzzle adventure! Chomp your way through Snack Land and help PAC-MAN bounce his way back home through a food-filled frenzy of epic proportion. Can you smash through the sandwich-stuffed island of Picnic Park? Or perhaps cruise Candy Caves for some sweet treats! JUMP into PAC-MAN's latest juicy journey: bounce on walls, bypass obstacles, waka waka on PAC-DOTS, avoid ghosts, collect stars, and grab keys to win!

PAC-MAN is bouncing back like never before! Are you ready to BOUNCE?

Give it a try and start chomping to get Pac-Man back home!