A Visit from the Hopefuls

Last week Victory Square Games opened our doors and let in the masses. By masses, we mean some of the students from the nearby Vancouver Film School's Game Design program. We invited them over to take a look at the studio, show them around and have them try out our games. it was great seeing all those eager faces, fresh and ready for the big world of game design... and knowing we could use them for all for free QA.

We're also looking for two programmers and an artist. Apply at Sam's moated fortress of terror on the Careers page! (Posted notices for the collection of souls should be available soon.)

Thanks guys. Come by any time!





From Humble Beginnings...

Every studio comes from something small. Maybe it was an idea, a student project or a few dudes working in someone's basement. Victory Square Games is no different, and our humble beginnings start at the Vancouver Film School. Most of our staff is alumni from the Game Design, Entertainment Business Management or Writing program, and if there is anything to take away from that fact, it is that information technology schools are great places to network!

Victory Square Games came out of the idea of taking a student project with potential, and turning it into an educational teaching game to shake the world.

That game is coming out soon. Keep your ears and eyes peeled.  



Candy? Costumes? Not in THIS Studio!


As Halloween fast approaches us here at Victory Square Games, it is with ghoulish and devilish glee that festivities were planned for our first major holiday as a studio. With Bat Boximals decorating the ceiling and spider webs strung around Riley pinning and preventing his escape, it was a perfect time of year for reflection and, most of all, candy. Lots of candy. 

If Sam would only let us have it, that is. Apparently it is being withheld until he decides there's enough polish on the latest build. There is muttering that for tomorrow's costume we're all going to show up as famous movie villains and have.... fun.

Halloween style fun.



photo 3.JPG

Many video game studios will motivate their employees in various creative ways. Some offer food and drink. Others candy, soft drinks, junk food and various other supremely bad things for you. Occasionally a really forward thinking studio will offer healthy alternatives to traditional programmer treats.

Here at Victory Square Games we eschew all of these traditional methods to motivate our staff. We use music. Not piped in muzak, or calm and soothing classical. Oh no. We do things differently. Programmers aren't working hard enough? We give Kelly a guitar and he aggressively plays at them until they work harder. It may seem counter productive, but it always gets results. Quickly. 

Victory Square Games. Motivation through the threat of louder and more obnoxious guitar. It's what sets us apart.


Bow your heads, gentle developers...

The Passing of a Titan...

Today we mourn the loss of Sam Chandola: founder, giant and all around pain in the arse. He vanished off the face of the Earth last week, sometime around Tuesday...ish, and all attempts to search for a corpse in the waters of Vancouver were called off due to light rain. In lieu of a body the above tableau was set-up in the Victory Square Games offices where we said our good byes to Sam in our own special way: Collecting donations and using them to buy candy. As he would have wanted.

Or so it would have been. Sadly, our candy party was spoiled when Sam came back to work today, and our rejoicing and devouring of sugary treats was cut, tragically, short.