The Best Games of 2013? Victory Square Games Chimes in!

Now that we're a handful of days into 2014, we thought we'd take a look back at all the games that we loved in 2013. A survey was passed out and after several days of harassment and belittlement, we received our responses.

Riley was very impressed by both Starbound and Papers Please. Honourable mention goes to Gunpoint. It should be noted that his list was about fifty games long, and was edited down for posterity's sake. Also, Bad Rats doesn't count. Stop trying. 

Sam's favourite game definitely has to be Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies. His runner up was Game Dev Tycoon because, as we all know, he never wants to stop working. He can also abuse his virtual programmers in ways that "current" labour laws don't allow. 

Bob's favorite game was a toss up between The Stanley Parable and Consortium. Being that he was a writer on Consortium, his opinion is utterly biased and should be disregarded immediately. 

Ian said the best game of last year was The Last Of Us, because it is the best game of the year. Tomb Raider was his number 2. Jeet attempted to agree with him, but since he doesn't get a vote, he was summarily ignored. 

Sarthak says his favourite game was Mark of the Ninja, That came out in 2012, but was released for Linux in 2013. We can only assume it's because Sarthak never gave up on his childhood dream of becoming a ninja, and whenever a game finally comes out for Linux it should be celebrated, no matter what year it is. 

Jeff says his favourite game was Boximals ABCs, because when you're a game developer staring at the same game every day, it's ingrained in your head and you can't think of anything else. 

Dan says he quite enjoyed EA's Fifa 2013 because it was so much better than the last 10 years. I think he was being sarcastic, but you can never really tell with him.

Kelly's coveted game of the year award goes to Killer's Dead because there hasn't been a good character action game that has caused him to be be excited about in a while. He likes the trippy art style, and strains of Dark Side of the Moon can be heard when he is playing it.

So there you have it, the best game of the year chosen by the experts at Victory Square Games. 

A New Year Dawns on Victory Square Games

What did you do on your Christmas break? Revel in joy, spend time with the family and loved ones or get into a drunken argument with Great-Uncle Phillips over who gets all the nanaimo bars? Give me back my nanaimo bars, you jerk!


Tomorrow is January second, and with it begins a brand new year. Wait, you say. Today is the start of the new year! January First! 

Not for us. See, our year begins when we go back to work. Sam's been gleefully rubbing his hands and waiting ever since... well, ever since the break started. Waiting for the workers to trudge back into the offices and resume their duties, with a faint spark in their step and refreshed from the holiday break. 

Gleeful may not cover it, actually. Maniacal. 

Happy New Years, everyone!

Happy Holidays!

It's that time of year again.

Oh, yes, we all know it's that time of cheer, good will and wonderful feelings for all the people of the planet... but it also means something else. That a time of terror is upon us. A time of unholy howls in the night, frantic flights far from fearsome foes. A time of weapons prepared, protections gathered and fellowships assembled.

That's right.

Hunting down the programmers who have taken the day off. How dare they?!

What's that, Sam? 

You told them to take the day off for Christmas?

Well... that's a Christmas Miracle.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Boximals! In the Spotlight!


You're not imagining anything gentle readers. That, above, is Boximals 123s on the Spotlight page of the Microsoft Windows Appstore! Exclusive to WIndows 8.1 right now, Boximals ABCs and Boximals 123s have been in development for just three months, and this release brings education and enlightenment to a whole new generation of kids who can steal their parents mobile and tablet devices. For education, and certainly not to rack up IAP's. 

Looking for a link? We've got you squared away! Just follow this below.... 

Make this link purple. Oh yea, baby. Purple is good. 


In other Victory Square Related News we've qualified as a semifinalist for the Best Workplace in Small Business BC's Competition. Guess we'll need to clean up the blood stains before they come to visit.

That last programmer just didn't work out. 


Victory Square Games, the Curious Case of the VGX Awards

Spike TV held their annual VGX awards (formerly known as the Spike Video Game Awards) last weekend and there are some mixed emotions about the winners in the dark and dreary dungeon of Victory Square Games. Let's get some first hand accounts from the toiling slaves!

Kelly says: Joel McHale was hilarious, but I don’t think that’s what he was going for. Other than that… Meh.

Ian says: What the [expletive redacted]? How can something win game of the year and not win best Xbox or best Playstation game? I mean, Last of Us won how many more awards than GTA? GTA won best soundtrack and then won Best Game of the year. This is why nobody likes you VGX.

Dan says: The VGX? Isn’t that like a power cable or something?

Sam said: Stop wasting time! Everybody get back to work!

So there you have it. Victory Square Games reacts to the VGX Awards. What does the X stand for? It's a mystery.


Baby, it's cold outside...


The title is a bit of a lie. This is Vancouver. What's cold for us would be considered a balmy spring day in most other parts of this country. Three snowflakes and half the city shuts down, calls it a day and spends the rest of it looking depressively at their yoga pants. 

The encroaching snow (ha ha ha) and ice hasn't stopped us here at Victory Square Games. With several projects on the go and more staff crowding in every day, it won't be long till the combined body heat and geek sweat creates our own special ecosystem. One that thrives on misery and suffering doled out in equal parts by tyrannical project leads who are extremely upset that their Phoenix Wright playing has be interrupted by pleas of wanting to go "home", or that they're "tired from working eighteen hours". We've got a bunch of Christmas games to get out! Programmers don't need to sleep. Not this near the end the year!

Deck your halls with Boximals, and crush your enemies with Governmental, and don't forget to download the new Victory Square Games' Christmas Pack. Coming soon!

A Happy Few, Now a Happy... Many?

Victory Square Games continues to grow! Where once we were a few filthy hobos huddled around laptops in Crack Alley(tm) Downtown Vancouver, we now habit actual office space with heating and no impromptu toilet facilities. It was getting dire there for a while. Emotionally scarring dire. 

With the addition of development team for Governmental our employee count is up to thirteen regulars coming into the office and expecting pay! Fools!

We'll continue to grow as a studio, proud to create the highest quality apps and games. Coming soon, to an Appstore near you! (Unless you don't have a device that has an Appstore, in which case they will probably be very far away). 

vsg team.jpg

Ready to cause your own Shutdown?

After much shenaniganry, plotting and backstabbing, Victory Square Games is proud to announce Governmental, a game about shenaniganry, plotting and backstabbing.

What's your ambition in politics? Are you ready for the race of a lifetime, facing opponents, finding funding and getting votes by any means possible? Do you want to be the crazy, upbeat and loving contender, determined to make her town the best in the world? Or the devious political player, collecting kickbacks and making sure the skeletons are buried in all the hard to find places? Are your ambitions higher, and will you one day ascend to the most deplorable, vilest, wretched hive in all of politics: Federal Office? 

Find out, in Governmental. Coming soon, from Victory Square Games.